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Toke TV Bud Pick of the Week

Strain: Blue Diesel (sativa) Access Point: Greenthumb Silverdale Donation: $9/gram [Steve Elliott ~alapoet~]
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Strain: Blue Diesel (sativa)
Access Point: Greenthumb Silverdale
Donation: $9/gram
[Steve Elliott ~alapoet~]

Toke TV Stories of the Week

Oregon Legislature Fails On Marijuana Legalization; Initiative Campaigns Promise A Solution

(Hemp News)

In light of recent news that the Oregon Legislature has abandoned meaningful reforms, initiative activists are moving forward with a new phase in their campaign to end criminal penalties for marijuana.

“We salute the efforts of Representative Peter Buckley and other progressive-minded legislators,” said chief petitioner Paul Stanford, “and we are ready to pick up where they fell and bring a pair of ballot initiatives restoring the progressive pioneer spirit that Oregon is well known for.”

Oregon has lagged behind other Western states in bringing reform to marijuana law. Two initiative petitions, IP 21 and IP 22, would change that. “Prohibition doesn’t work,” Stanford said. “Filling our jails with nonviolent marijuana prisoners is a waste of public resources and people’s future. We will end prohibition and end criminal penalties for marijuana.”


Washington: Liquor Board Issues First Recreational Marijuana Licenses

(Hemp News)

The Washington State Liquor Control Board on Wednesday issued the state’s first licenses to produce and process recreational marijuana during a Board meeting at its headquarters in Olympia.

The licenses were issued to Sean Green of Spokane, who will be doing business as Kouchlock Productions.

“This is a historic day,” said Board Chair Sharon Foster. “The hard work and preparation this agency has done has laid the foundation to make this pioneering endeavor a success.”

Kouchlock Productions is licensed to produce and process — but not sell — recreational marijuana. It holds a restricted tier-three license to produce marijuana initially up to a maximum of 21,000 square feet.


Colorado: Police Want More Money For Marijuana Enforcement

(Hemp News)

Wait, this is legalization? Colorado’s police chiefs are asking the state for more money for “marijuana enforcement,” whining that they are “disappointed” in Governor John Hickenlooper’s plan for how to spend cannabis taxes.

In a letter sent to the Governor earlier this week, the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police complained that Hickenlooper’s plan has no money specifically for local law enforcement, reports John Ingold at The Denver Post. The letter asks Hickenlooper to support the creation of a program to give grants to police departments to “cover extra costs related to marijuana legalization.”

If that sounds strange, after hearing all these years how marijuana legalization would save on law enforcement costs, then yeah. It surely does.

“Many of our local law enforcement agencies have diverted staff from other operations into marijuana enforcement, leaving gaps in other service areas as a direct result of marijuana legalization,” the letter whines.


New Hampshire House Approves bill That Provides Legal Access To Medical Marijuana

(Hemp News)

The New Hampshire House of Representatives on Thursday approved a bill 227-73 that will provide people who qualify for the state’s medical marijuana program with legal access to medical marijuana while the state develops a system of regulated medical marijuana cultivation and distribution. The bill will now move to the Senate, where it will receive a public hearing.

HB 1622, sponsored by Rep. Donald “Ted” Wright (R-Tuftonboro), would allow licensed medical marijuana patients or their designated caregivers to possess up to two mature marijuana plants and twelve immature plants or seedlings. Patients and caregivers would be required to report their cultivation locations to the Department of Health and Human Services, and they would lose their ability to cultivate once an alternative treatment center opens within 30 miles of their residence.

“We applaud House members for continuing to stand up for people with debilitating conditions who could benefit from medical marijuana,” said Matt Simon, the Goffstown-based New England political director for the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), which supports the bill. “Seriously ill patients in New Hampshire have waited long enough for legal access to medical marijuana, and some simply cannot afford to wait any longer.”


Michigan Senate Moves To Let Landlords Ban Tenants From Smoking, Growing Medical Marijuana

(Hemp News)

Michigan landlords could easily ban tenants who are medical marijuana patients from smoking or growing their medicine under a bill advanced on Tuesday by the state Senate.

Senate Bill 783, sponsored by Sen. Rick Jones (R-Grand Ledge), was approved in a 31-7 vote by the Senate, reports Jonathan Oosting at It would codify into law an opinion from notoriously anti-marijuana Michigan Atty. Gen. Bill Schuette, who said that hotel, motel or apartment owners could prohibit the use of medicinal cannabis without violating the state’s voter-approved medical marijuana law.

Under the bill, medical marijuana patients would be banned from growing or smoking cannabis if they have a written prohibition from their landlord. If they continue using their medicine after being ordered to stop by their landlord, they could be jailed for up to 90 days and/or get a $100 fine, according to a Senate Fiscal Agency analysis of the legislation.


Ohio: Medical Marijuana Has Popular Support, Lacks Money To Pass

(Hemp News)

An overwhelming majority of Ohioans believe medical marijuana should be legal, according to a poll released last week. But the Buckeye State appears unlikely to change its cannabis laws this year, because a ballot drive doesn’t have enough money, and the Republican-controlled Legislature won’t bring the issue up for a vote.

Advocates with the Ohio Rights Group have gathered only 50,000 of the more than 385,000 signatures they’d need by July 2 to qualify for November’s ballot, reports Chrissie Thompson at The Cincinnati Enquirer. Estimates for the amount needed to gather the remaining signatures and run a campaign run as high as $10.5 million. They only have about $50,000 in donations they’ve received or have been promised.

Ohio has no fewer than three medical marijuana amendments whose language has been approved by the Attorney General and the bipartisan Ohio Ballot Board. The Ohio Cannabis Rights Amendment has the most signatures (it’s the one with 50,000), but supporters would need to hire a signature gathering firm within a month to have any hope of qualifying for the ballot — much less finance a campaign if they manage to squeak onto the ballot.


Toke TV Must Reads of the Week

Is It Dangerous To Decriminalize Marijuana? A Physician’s View

(Toke Signals)

A common theme used by those with a vested interest in the ‘War On Drugs’ is that there is a hidden hand at work: Big Cannabis. Big Cannabis is a ‘tool’ of the drug cartels and a danger to truth, justice and the American Way. They talk about the ‘intent’ of the voters to help terminal patients. They talk about marijuana financing heroin and cocaine. “Big Cannabis duped the voters to promote their criminal activity and profits.”

The truth of the matter is the voters are not as stupid as the drug warriors would like us to believe. The voters knew EXACTLY what they were voting for.


New Marijuana Study Says Everyone Knows You’re High And You’ll Likely Be Stoned Forever

(Toke Signals)

According to the American Journal of Medicine, you’re not making any sense, and everyone thinks you’re weird. Everyone can smell the marijuana on your breath and on your clothes, and everyone is laughing at you.

Despite trying to act cool, you’re laughing too much, and everyone is definitely messing with you.

If you hear a noise? That’s probably the police, and you’re probably going to jail.

New research indicates that your brain got broken, and you probably shouldn’t have done this.

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