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Toke Signals Bud Pick of the Week

Ghost (indica dominant) under LED and HPS [Steve Elliott ~alapoet~]
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Ghost (indica dominant) under LED and HPS
Breeder: Slappy from Secret Seeds in Seattle
[Steve Elliott ~alapoet~]

Toke Signals Stories of the Week

Study Shows Marijuana Legalization Has Not Led To More Use

(Hemp News)

A nationwide survey released on Thursday found that legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado hasn’t led to more young people smoking pot there.

“The actual attitudes towards its use are really in line with other states,” said Dr. Leslie Adair, reports MPR News. “What this survey has done is posed questions for further research in understanding why that is.”

The survey was commissioned by the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, which operates drug and alcohol treatment centers in several states. It included interviews with more than 1,000 young adults between the ages of 18 and 25.


New Poll Shows Support For Marijuana Legalization At 65% In Nation’s Capital

(Hemp News)

A new Washington Post/NBC News/Marist poll released on Thursday shows support for Initiative 71, which would legalize marijuana, at 65 percent among likely D.C. voters.

Initiative 71 allows adults over the age of 21 to possess up to two ounces of marijuana on their person at any time, and allows for the cultivation of up to six marijuana plants at home.

District law prevents the ballot initiative from addressing the sale of marijuana. However, the D.C. Council is currently considering a bill which will tax and regulate marijuana within the District.


Oregon Farmers Prevented From Hemp Cultivation By Marijuana Prohibition

(Hemp News)

Oregon farmers are forced to watch while consumers here buy millions of dollars in hempseed for food, clothing made of hemp and thousand of other products made from this cash crop, all grown in foreign countries.

Ryan Basile is an Oregonian, a farmer and an agricultural businessman. In this video, he alerts us all to unintended consequences of laws banning marijuana and how it’s holding back an entire economy perfect for Oregon’s climate.

Ryan knows that Measure 91 will compel the state Department of Agriculture to cut the remaining red tape and allow hemp growing and manufacturing in Oregon.


Class Action Lawsuit Grows Over Marijuana Candy Being Handed Out At Denver Fair

(Hemp News)

More people have joined a class action lawsuit against a company accused of handing out samples of marijuana-infused chocolate at the Denver County Fair.

Seven named plaintiffs have joined the lawsuit’s amendment complaint, filed by Boulder attorney Corey Zurbach in Denver County Court, reports Alan Gathright at 7News Denver. The defendant is named as Beyond Broadway LLC, doing business as Full Melt Chocolate and LivWell.

The lawsuit, originally filed on August 7, now states that class action suit “as initially defined includes in excess of 100 individuals.”


Israel Family Doctors Given Temporary License To Prescribe Medical Marijuana

(Hemp News)

Israel’s Health Ministry, attempting to deal with a heavy load on pain clinics, has announced that family doctors will temporarily be allowed to write medical marijuana prescriptions for their patients.

The new rules will allow family physicians to write the medicinal cannabis prescriptions under two conditions, reports Ido Efrati at Haaretz: when it is an extension of an existing treatment, and keeping to an existing dosage.

About 18,000 Israelis hold permits for using medical marijuana, with this number expected to grow to 40,000 by 2018. Demand for cannabis in Israel has been growing steadily, and the list of conditions for which it is authorized has also been growing.


Mysterious Men Dropping From Helicopters, Chopping Down Mendo Marijuana

(Hemp News)

A mysterious group of men has been raiding medical marijuana plots in Mendocino County, California, and local residents are mystified about the identity of the camouflage-clad group, who aren’t police officers.

The men dress in combat camouflage, reports Joe Vazquez at KPIX 5, and some of them hide their faces.

Some say the men, on missions to eradicate marijuana, work for a security company called Lear Asset Management, according to Vazquez.


Marijuana Slang Dictionary Open To Public Submissions

(Hemp News)

For anyone who prides themselves on their knowledge of marijuana subcultures and slang terms, there is now an “open source” outlet to share this knowledge with others. Ganjapreneur, a website dedicated to entrepreneurs and investors in the cannabis industry, has recently announced a marijuana slang dictionary that is open to the public.

The website publishes news articles and editorials intended to keep “ganjapreneurs,” or anyone who is pursuing a career in the newly-legal cannabis industry, informed about the state of the industry as a whole. The site offers original content as well as curated headlines via other websites that directly relate to the business of cannabis itself.

With the launch of the Marijuana Slang Dictionary, Ganjapreneur marks its first foray into user-generated content by inviting the public to submit their favorite slang terms and phrases for inclusion. Entries to date include “420,” “cheeba,” “bongwater,” and numerous others. Users may search the dictionary for a specific term, or browse by category.


Toke Signals Must Read of the Week

Ideal 420 Soil: This ‘Just Add Water’ Soil Works For Marijuana
(Toke Signals)

Like many who have grown their share of marijuana, I’m skeptical of claims that make the noble art of cannabis cultivation seem, well, too easy. Nurturing this weed through its vegetative cycle and then through flowering requires an attention to detail and a tuned-in way of being aware of the plant’s needs, and no product can replace that.
But I was nonetheless intrigued when an Ideal 420 Soil representative offered to send me a sample bag of their growing medium to try. At that point, I had no excuse; I had to ask myself, “What’s the harm in giving it the once through?”
So the bag arrived: a half cubic foot of soil, just enough to fill a five-gallon bucket. The ingredients were listed as Canadian Peat Moss, Vermiculite, Silica Sand, Calcium Clay, Rock Phosphate, Sulfate of Potash, Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, K-Mag, Glacial Rock Dust, and Azomite.
According to the bag blurb, the soil is “Perfectly Balanced – ‘IDEAL’ Interrelated Structure of Organic Components.” “Perfection in Biology, Soil Chemistry, and Elemental Science,” the bag reads. “Designed to Just ‘ADD’ Water.”

“Really?” I thought. “Just add water? We’ll see about that.” (I strictly followed the label instructions to use only reverse osmosis [RO] or distilled water — I used only distilled.)

Here’s what happened

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