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Toke Signals Bud Pick of the Week


White Russian 70% sativa/30% indica White Widow x AK-47 [Steve Elliott ~alapoet~]
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White Russian
70% sativa/30% indica
White Widow x AK-47
[Steve Elliott ~alapoet~]

Toke Signals Stories of the Week

Nevada: Marijuana Legalization Will Appear On November 2016 Ballot

(Hemp News)

The Nevada Legislature is letting voters decide in November 2016 whether to end marijuana prohibition and regulate marijuana like alcohol.

State lawmakers had until Saturday, March 14 to enact Initiative Petition No. 1, but chose to adjourn Friday without voting on it. They were tasked with considering the measure after supporters submitted nearly twice the number of signatures needed to qualify for the ballot.

“Voters will have the opportunity to end marijuana prohibition next year and replace it with a policy that actually makes sense,” said Mason Tvert, director of communications for the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP). “Regulating marijuana like alcohol will make Nevada safer by replacing the underground marijuana market with a tightly controlled system of licensed businesses.”


Massachusetts Legislature Considers Repealing Cannabis Prohibition

(Hemp News)

Last week the Associated Press reported on the introduction of H. 1561 in the Massachusetts Legislature; the bill would legalize recreational cannabis consumption and sales.

“Bay State Repeal, the ballot-initiative committee aiming to draft the least restrictive citizen initiative repealing marijuana prohibition in 2016, is pleased 15 legislators are seriously considering marijuana law reform,” the organization announced in a Wednesday press release.

“We are also pleased the bill permits home cultivation in any amount as long as minors have no access to the cultivation site and there is no intent to sell,” the statement reads. “For Bay State Repeal, the right to grow cannabis at home is a key provision of any meaningful reform, both as a matter of civil rights and protection from overzealous law enforcement and as a check on excessive prices.


Former N.M. Gov. Gary Johnson Calls Washington State Pot Rules ‘Worst-Case Scenario’

(Hemp News)

Former two-term New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, now CEO of a marijuana company, on Sunday told an audience of cannabis industry representatives that voters, not politicians, are behind the legalization movement, and he called Washington state’s troubled implementation of legalization Initiative 502 a “worst-case scenario.”

Johnson, a vocal advocate of legalization and former Presidential candidate who plans to run again next year, gave the keynote speech at the Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference, reports Noelle Crombie at The Oregonian. About 750 people attended the conference, according to organizers.

When it comes to Washington’s botched implementation of flawed legalization Initiative 502, Johnson was very critical of the over-taxation of cannabis in that model.

“How are they going to regulate it and make it a legal product? They have screwed it up as bad as they possibly can,” Johnson said. “They have taxed it to the level where if you are a prior user of marijuana, prior to it being legal in Washington, you are still consuming it on the black market because of how expensive it is. It’s the worst-case scenario and they have it playing out in Washington state.”


Virginia School Suspends 11-Year-Old For A Year For Leaf That Wasn’t Marijuana

(Hemp News)

An 11-year-old sixth grader in Virginia has been suspended from school for 364 days after being caught with a leaf that wasn’t even marijuana.

It happened last September to the son of Bedford County residents Bruce and Linda Bays, reports Dan Casey at The Roanoke Times. Their son was enrolled in the gifted-and-talented program at Bedford Middle School.

Months after the fact, the couple learned that the leaf wasn’t marijuana. A prosecutor dropped the juvenile court charge because the “pot leaf” had field tested negative — three times.


New Jersey Governor Refuses To Help Suffering Children With Medical Marijuana

(Hemp News)

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s cold-hearted refusal to allow sick children in his state safe access to medical marijuana was the subject of a blistering editorial inMonday’s Star-Ledger.

“The issue of edible marijuana in New Jersey comes down to an irrefutable premise: The governor of this state has had numerous chances to liberate children from suffering over the last 18 months, yet he has chosen not to do it,” wrote the Star-Ledger Editorial Board.

“Chris Christie seems content to live with this disgrace,” the board wrote. “At one time, he summoned the audacity by looking into the faces of inconsolable parents and chirping the dim-bulb refrain, ‘It’s complicated,’ and now he merely dismisses a law that he signed himself and hopes that nobody notices.”


Washington: 10-Person Team Sells Marijuana For City Government

(Hemp News)

Just a few days after it opened, the nation’s only government-run marijuana shop was running low on weed. Open for just a few days, manager Robyn Legun, 36, was frantically trying to restock. “If I don’t get this order in this morning, we’re going to be out for the weekend,” Legun fretted. Someone joked about a typical government operation, always running late.

But this government store is far from typical, reports Todd C. Frankel at The Washington Post. This store — Cannabis Corner, in North Bonneville, Washington, deep in the Columbia River Gorge — sells dozens of strains of marijuana, along with pot-infused cookies and coffee, glass bongs, and rolling papers.

And the store does all of this at the direction of the North Bonneville Public Development Authority, making the city government dependent on this once-illegal drug for cash flow.


Nevada Lawmaker Wants Medical Marijuana For Pets

(Hemp News)

A Nevada lawmaker on Tuesday proposed a bill in the Legislature that would grant ailing pets legal access to medical marijuana.

The bill, put forward by Democrat Tick Segerblom, would let pet owners obtain cannabis for their animals if a veterinarian confirmed it “may mitigate the symptoms or effects” of a chronic or debilitating medical condition, reports Curtis Skinner at Reuters.

Contrary to scare stories and misinformation in the mainstream press, cannabis is non-toxic to pets, and in fact to all mammals.

The bill also includes new rules for human patients, including regulations for medicla marijuana dispensaries. It also drops penalties for motorists found driving with marijuana in their system.


Toke Signals Must Read of the Week

There’s Still Hope For Medical Marijuana Patients In Washington State

(Toke Signals)

By Kirk Ludden

Representatives in Olympia continue with politics as usual, listening to special interests and agencies that treat medical cannabis as if it has no medicinal properties. They are going against the voters by further restricting patients, and taking away their rights including proposing to drop patient possession limits once again, and breaking HIPPA laws by having a registry in the process with SB 5052.

The reason a person can not overdose on cannabis is because when there are high doses of THC in one’s system, the brain produces pregnenolone that inhibits it.1 The recreational user benefits from the use of cannabis because their depleted endocannabinoid system is being nourished with all the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant.

Recreational use is “for profit”while medical use is “not-for-profit”. The Liquor Control Board is not a health care agency, and regulates “for profit” products. The LCB paid for a study to figure out the supply and demand numbers for the recreational use market.


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