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By Miguel AKA Miggy420

Some cases are more important than others; this is a story you’re not seeing in any mainstream media. A case, a trial about marijuana — or as the federal government likes to call it, “The Manufacturing of Marijuana.” Before this case, a defendant has never been allowed to use the words medical marijuana and if this case wins with that defense, all future medical providers will be able to because a precedent has been set.

This case in particular is an atrocity to our state and federal justice system. Both Washington State Law enforcement employees testified that the investigation was started based off of disgruntled patient complaints that he was making a profit or as I like to call it in the real world making a living.

This is a case where the government is prosecuting a man for doing a thing that is presently legal in four states for recreational use and 23 for medical… a case using people involved in the cannabis industry to testify against a man for being a part of the cannabis industry.

Typical of the government prosecution his case was set for last month but has since been moved with motions denied in the process. When a Federal court case is shifted, it makes it hard to garner support, people have lives and jobs.

What I beared witness to on January 8 was the weakest argument to take away a man’s life for 25-35 years, to take away his freedom and liberty. This argument was just as redundant and lame as Colin Powell’s “Weapons of Mass Destruction” PowerPoint to the U.N. To me and to most of the nation, you don’t have to know a person to say Not Guilty. Not Guilty of being a criminal, not guilty because there was no crime, not guilty because this is not worth taking away your time, money, and life.

Those who were there to support Lance were wearing green ribbons with a red cross. A simple symbol for those that have fallen before us like the yellow ribbon for soldiers we remember. Before the jury was allowed to enter the room the prosecution ask the judge for us to remove them out of fear of some “political message.” The“message” is simple, Mr. Lombardi: “No victim, no crime.”

The Federal prosecutor’s argument is that Lance Gloor is a criminal because he was making a living. Money is the issue here, not justice.

Prosecutor Vince Lombardi is trying to stigmatize Lance by trying to make him look like a shady marijuana businessman, when the truth is as an owner of multiple dispensaries he was helping people. When it comes to success, quality is the choice of the consumer, and if he wasn’t providing quality meds than the consumer would go elsewhere.

The evidence presented makes the police look like the Keystone Cops. Undercover footage presented shows both officers being denied initial access to the facilities as per any other operation in Washington state. From there it can be seen that they’re directed to the local homeopathic whose job is to help you control aches and pains.

Upon receiving their proper medical authorizations, the agents went back to the dispensary and were granted access after being added to the dispensary database. Evidence collected from this “dangerous” undercover sting were purchases made like in any other medical dispensary in Washington or even like the recreational shops.

The prosecutor is trying to demonize the process and terminology like “donations” but one has to be cautious in a world where a bad law exists based off of bad science and racially biased testimonies in Congress. Long story short: Marijuana is medicine if it helps with your seizures, PTSD, or even if you use it recreationally, it’s the healthier choice over alcohol or pills.

Among the witnesses was a childhood friend that actually wore a Lacey Cross t-shirt; he actually stated that he loves his shirts and was proud of his work there. The witness stated that he believed that “he was helping people” and still feels that way. The only thing the childhood friend proved was that Lance was conducting business like 1,000 other shops in Washington and Oregon.

SEATTLE CROSS -- DRUG RAIDS -- 07242013 -- 131611 A sign is left on the front door of Seattle Cross at 2315 E. John St. in Seattle after a DEA raid Wednesday afternoon. MethodeID: 3.0.1549939482#News#Local#20130725#3.0.1549939499
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A sign is left on the front door of Seattle Cross at 2315 E. John St. in Seattle after a 2013 DEA raid. [Ellen M. Banner/The Seattle Times]

Another ironic twist to the witnesses was a former employee who is presently an employee or according to his LinkedIn profile, co-owner at another medical marijuana dispensary known as Old Town Herbalist. In his testimony he stated they were in the process of turning into a recreational marijuana store. So, wrap your head around that the government used a person involved in the present state legal marijuana industry to testify that another person was running a state-legal marijuana dispensary.

Lance Gloor’s life and future is at the discretion of 12 people judging and one actual judge. His mere existence is at the will of others in a “legal” state and this is perhaps the greater crime.

Assistant US Attorney Vincent Lombardi [KUOW]
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Assistant US Attorney Vincent Lombardi

Right now I would like to address the three state agents, the judge that signed these warrants, the federal prosecutor and any other law enforcement agent involved in this case who thinks they are or were making the world, our America, our Washington state a better place: “We are not the enemy.”

Cases like this are what hurt children by giving them a bastardized version of what is justice. Lance is guilty of being one of the many individuals who decided to make a living off of helping people and distributing a plant that is all medicinal value from the actual helping of seizures and fighting cancer; all of this has been proven by domino effect from the studies and research of Raphael Mechoulam.

Regardless of how you feel about people who use marijuana, we are not the enemy;  in this scenario the police and government are the bad guys when it comes to a thing known as moral justice.

Lance’s case is important because this is the first time the words “medical marijuana” have been allowed in a Federal Court. This means great things for future defendants and vindication for past, this case is as important as a legalization law for it is marijuana on trial here for being medical.

Unfortunately, Lance is being prosecuted/persecuted right now but perhaps the Sheriff’s Department, the DEA, and the Federal prosecutor have done America and many sick people a favor by creating this perfect storm of right vs. wrong…  wrong being the ability of the government to prosecute and charge those involved with marijuana.

If you would like to show support or see history in the making there are still three days left on this trial at the Tacoma Federal Courthouse, Courtroom B. [It resumes on Monday morning, Jan. 11. — Editor.] Be there by 9 am to find parking and what-not. Simply being present — whether in the courtroom or outside — shows people that others believe that nobody deserves to be in jail for a plant.

In the immortal words of the original Vince Lombardi: “You never win a game unless you beat the guy in front of you. The score on the board doesn’t mean a thing. That’s for the fans. You’ve got to win the war with the man in front of you. You’ve got to get your man.”

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