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By Miguel AKA Miggy420

I never thought there would be a form of legalization that I wouldn’t like, but I have seen it all now: a legalization that creates new criminals and puts an age limits on the sick.

Washington state’s recreational marijuana program started by I-502 is a lot like AIDS, pretty fucked up and not going anywhere but a lot like AIDS, it’s manageable now.

I still don’t agree with the whole structure of the law but I think it’s time we admit that it’s not going anywhere and stop putting so much hate towards the recreational model in Washington.

In fact I think it’s time that all the medical shops want to go recreational. Throw hundred dollar bills at the LCB and here’s why.

To those that stand by the side and keep hoping medical is going to make a comeback, I’m afraid not. Lawyers and legislatures have made to it that the program is going to die because no one but your primary caregiver can give you an authorization; not everyone has healthcare and not everyone solely believes in Western medicine (this is a crying shame but the writing is on the wall, your health is not your choice).

It’s time for those who really care about quality and the process to step up and be identified; Washington State legislators will have to listen with hundreds of thousands thrown at them; this is your voice.

Medical marijuana patients rallied at the Washington capitol in opposition to giving the Liquor Control Board jurisdiction over medical cannabis. [NW News Network]
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Medical marijuana patients rallied at the Washington capitol in opposition to giving the Liquor Control Board jurisdiction over medical cannabis.
[NW News Network]

It was a dark and stormy Washington night and all the medical facilities around me were shut down. There were no options for me to get a preroll but the recreational shop a quarter mile away from my house.

I like pre-rolls because I still do old school paranoid, pre-rolls are easy to dispose of either out the window, in my mouth, or up my ass, sometimes a moment of discomfort is safer than a lifetime of headaches and this is another reason why prohibition is wrong.

This isn’t a glorious op-ed for I-502 but a call to arms for those in the industry, to step up and be heard. It’s a shame so many have been hurt by Washington’s own bipolar disorder with the law, there are many places I’ve frequented that will be missed: R.I.P. Cannabis Oasis, Medicated Jar, KushCo, and all the glorious farmers’ markets I‘ve had the privilege to attend.

For any advocate — any smoker –it’s always about quality over quantity and Washington at one time had the best.

Unless you’re an evil Wal-Mart villain trying to make more money at the cost of the consumer, marijuana/cannabis/weed has always been about what is good, not how much I can smoke (I can smoke a lot of the good). It’s up to you, the medical people to show the rest of the world what is quality.

Ever since Prop 215 passed, people want to shame other people for making a living or profit off of marijuana but the truth is, there should be no shame to say “I want to supply marijuana to sick people or supply marijuana to people going camping for the weekend.”

It’s hard for people to wrap their head around a thing that is medicine and also used recreationally but if something makes you happier for doing it, then isn’t all use medical use? I’m now getting into childish semantics but the truth of the matter is no one should not be ashamed of their involvement with marijuana… it’s a plant.

It’s time to embrace the protocol and help shape the quality of legalization, we need to embrace I-502 and shape it for the benefit of the end consumer by remembering the trailblazers, dispensaries whose only crime was being good at what they did, and patients, whose only crime was being sick.

What brings me to this revelation was my son pissing me off and the need for a smoke to calm down and prerolls are my thing. I went to the Evergreen Market and grabbed a preroll made by Phat Panda, a preroll that wasn’t too bad.

I’ve gotten shitty prerolls from medical as well as recreational, and the thing is, there is no consistency for either market and in the end it comes down to your brand and quality. I still have medical markets that I enjoy going to but the fact of the matter is some places get squeezed harder than others when the marijuana component shouldn’t be an issue; it’s not a crime.

For Washington natives to have a say, for the real Washington to have a piece of the give-a-shit pie, everyone needs to be involved that has given a fuck and has somehow been involved in the process. Don’t get me wrong; there is much to be lacking in this process but it comes to the people in charge, the ones listening and voting yes on a law, the legislators.

Unfortunately to buy legislative time one needs to be part of the law and that law is I-502. Let’s not let the out of state money fund your voice but the in state mother earth motherfucker, present Washington State activist, medical caregivers and lovers in all that is good, want to call yourself a I-502 compliant, as long as you’re doing what is right by your neighborhood and local community in Washington State.

I-502 is not the best of laws but it is the law on the books, it’s the reason some asshole isn’t using weed against another in a custody battle and I’m okay with that.

As marijuana becomes more legitimized and regulated it’s up to you, that guy I get my good weed froma at my local dispensary. I’m talking to you, The New Millennium and all you other respectable places I’ve been to that carry quality products.

I’ve had good and bad experiences from both the regulated recreational and the unregulated medical market, though I believe what is presently medical could just use some tweaks, we have to accept the State supported I-502 recreational regulation and help tweak it from within.

Maybe in a few years we can bring it back to the present state of consumer interaction and the end user can put their face in a jar of nugs; just don’t sneeze in it.

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