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Pre-rolled joints are just about everywhere you look these days in legal cannabis shops. Pre-rolled blunts, on the other hand, are a different matter.

But now a Colorado company is doing ready-to-smoke blunts just right. Honest Marijuana is producing what it calls “the world’s first organic, hemp-wrapped, whole-flower, machine rolled blunts.”

We’re talking about gourmet, chemical-free, probiotically grown, hand-watered, hand-trimmed artisanal cannabis here. And company doesn’t mind setting its sights stratospherically high:

Our goal is to provide consumers with the purest marijuana experience on the planet.

Honest Blunts are machine rolled, 100 percent tobacco-free, and use organic marijuana. The wraps are made from organic-processed hemp leaf (and as an added bonus, according to Honest Marijuana, the hemp wraps contain raw CBD).

Honest Blunts: Whole-Flower Marijuana

When Honest Blunts says its blunts contain “whole-flower marijuana,” what do they mean? That means that in addition to the trichome-rich middle of the flower, these blunts also include the accompanying sugar leaves, which broadens the taste and the cannabinoid profile.

Each blunt weighs about half a gram. The whole-flower blend helps promote slow, even burn, especially in combination with the hemp leaf wrapper.

Chem Dog’s unique taste is somewhat muted by the hemp wrapper, but its effects assuredly aren’t.

The whole-bud blend means that the THC level is around 19 percent rather than somewhere in the 20s, on the 6-pack of blunts I sampled. But that’s fine, because taking a couple extra tokes to reach your desired plateau is an absolute pleasure.

‘Modified Atmosphere’ Packaging

Honest Marijuana has taken cannabis packaging to the next level with its “modified atmosphere” approach.

What this means is that the blunts are preserved with nitrogen sealed into the package, “to ensure that our products remain in their ideal condition until they are ready to be consumed.”

What About The High?

The Chem Dog Honest Blunts we tried (a whole six-pack of ’em) produced a very enjoyable head-centered buzz conducive to working or enjoying music and movies.

The only disadvantage we noticed (other than price of about $65 for the six-pack) was the tendency of the blunts to come unstuck near the end. While some of the blunts lasted longer than others before this happened, every single one of the six came unrolled before completely smoked.

You can get around this inconvenience with a roach clip or with careful handling, of course, but it’s still worth mentioning.

Having noted that one small shortcoming — and it never occurred before the blunt was almost gone — we give our “highest” marks to Honest Blunts.



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