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Suspect Fired Up A Doob Minutes After Being Awakened From A Near-Fatal Heroin Overdose

A Wisconsin man is facing three separate drug charges after allegedly smoking marijuana in a hospital bathroom — after receiving rescue treatment for a heroin overdose.

Racine County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a home in Waterford on March 8 and reportedly found Seth A. Kulick, 24, not breathing with his lips turning blue, according to the police complaint, reports The Journal Times of Racine.

Emergency response personnel treated Kulick with Narcan, a drug which blocks the effects of heroin and other opiates, according to the police report. Within seconds he began to breathe again and regain consciousness.

Kulick was then transferred to Burlington Memorial Hospital, where he reportedly asked emergency roof staff if he could use the restroom, according to the police report. After he went into the bathroom, hospital staff noticed the odor of burning marijuana coming from the room and reported it to the police, who found cannabis hidden above a ceiling tile in the room.

According to the police report, Kulick told an investigator that he placed the baggie of weed between his butt cheeks while riding to the hospital in the ambulance. He said he didn’t flush the marijuana because he wasn’t sure it would go down the toilet.

This apparently wasn’t Kulick’s first unhappy encounter with law enforcement. According to the City of Madison, in May 2011, Kulick, then age 22, tried to run from police who were investigating a house party after citizens complained they’d been hit with beer cans coming from the balcony of a residence. Kulick reportedly dragged one officer down an alleyway, allegedly injuring the cop’s leg. A Madison Police Department sergeant allegedly suffered rib injuries while dealing with a combative Kulick, as well. He was arrested at that time for resisting and obstructing, possession of drug paraphernalia, and casual possession of marijuana.

Kulick made his first appearance on the new case in Racine County Circuit Court on Tuesday. His cash bond was set at $100 and a signature bond set at $1,000 by Court Commissioner Alice Rudebusch. His preliminary hearing was set for May 2.


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